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So High Brow


Who would have thought they would be this important?!

Whether yours are curved, straight, thick, high or low arch, unless they’re on fleek, you’re not on form!

Unfortunately for me, mine were the former.

Growing up in the 90s, thin was in. I’m talking Rachel Weisz in The Mummy thin. If you don’t know what I mean and you’re reading this with your perfect “Cara” brows, we can’t be friends.

As a result of serious over-plucking, I was left with patchy eyebrows and very little shape. With my eyebrow envy growing by the minute (unlike my eyebrows), I made it my mission to grow them in and maybe, just possibly achieve the perfect brow.

Anyone in the same situation as me will know that is easier said than done and I am here to share my emotional experience with you.



After a quick Google, I was informed that eyebrow hair supposedly takes 56 days to grow once plucked.

56 days. If like me that form of time means nothing to you, that is 8 weeks or 2 months. Two months sounds better, smaller number.

Two months.

Excellent! A nice acceptable time frame in which I don’t have to do anything except wait and voila! Beautiful eyebrows.

How wrong I was!

Growing in eyebrows made me feel emotions I didn’t even know were possible, at least not about eyebrows anyway. It is a lengthy process in which I became obsessed. REALLY obsessed. Staring into a magnifying mirror at each individual hair, willing it to grow. Convincing myself they are definitely thicker since I last checked (which was ten minutes ago) just to stop myself crumbling into a mess on the floor. Again.

It was time to stop being reactive and be more proactive, as they say.

I tried supplements for hair, skin and nails. I applied olive oil for 10, 15, 30 minutes, added honey, massaged and combed various concoctions into my brow area with little success. My nails were looking fabulous and my hands as soft as feathers but still no eyebrow hair. It wasn’t until I picked up the chopped onion for that evening’s dinner, having just read that onion juice stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair follicles, I knew I had lost it and it was time to seek professional help.

With assistance from the lovely people at Blink Brow Bar, I came away with renewed determination and patience as well as their Nourishing Brow Oil and Brow Conditioning Duo, both of which I will be reviewing in future posts as soon as possible.

At last, I started to see small fine hairs growing in the bald patches. Unfortunately, this success was bittersweet. Due to lack of any shape, I didn’t have a clue where to apply my brow pencil and couldn’t pluck a single hair for fear of ruining all my hard work. This resulted in me going “au naturel”, which quickly deteriorated into no make up at all. Why spend time on the perfect smokey eye, I thought, if sitting right above it is what could only be described as Wolverine on drugs.

Finally, after months of waiting, it was finally time for the big event, the Cinderella moment: shaping!

If you are brave enough to pluck yourself, go for it! I decided to entrust my newly grown brows to a professional. Threading is my preferred choice. It is more precise than waxing and just as quick. I found a salon I felt relaxed and comfortable in and importantly took the time to discuss what sort of shape I was after.

With a few waves of some thread, my eyebrows were transformed. I was shown where to continue growing and how to apply brow pencil to add just the right amount of definition. Along with a bit of TLC and a few maintenance tips, I am now able to waltz round with such sickening smugness, you would never have guessed I had spent weeks walking round smelling like a salad dressing.


If you are considering taking the plunge, patience is key. My eyebrows are still growing and hopefully with time they will grow stronger and fuller. My main advice though? When you do find a therapist who understands what you want, cling on to them for dear life.


Happy growing,

B Lips

p.s. if you happen to live in Liverpool, or are in the area and are in need of some serious eyebrow attention, make sure to visit Thelma at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar. She is the eyebrow Goddess!!

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