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See the Highlight

The 80s had bright colours, 90s had lip liner and the 00s had the spray tan, but top of the beauty list for this decade has to be contouring.

This latest beauty trend has us all in a frenzy, vigorously blending and shading, using various brushes and tools, everything but the kitchen sink (although you could probably use that as well) to sculpt and define your features.

However if you want to up your game and create razor sharp cheekbone even contour queen Kim would be proud of, highlighter is a must.

These days it is all about highlighting’s older more sophisticated sister strobing! Enhancing those few key areas to achieve that glow from within for a more refined and polished look.

I have tried various highlighters, with the following two being top of my list. Whilst each differs in colour and finish, both compliment a range of skin tones, giving a very natural appearance and avoiding that overly frosted look.

jelly pong pong

The first is by Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics.
A cool and quirky brand who’s beauty products are all fun and definitely all substance. Their highlighter glow getter is no different. A few dabs along your cheek and brow bone adds the subtlest of shimmers and the warm champagne colour leaves you with a sun kissed glow.
You needn’t worry if you have spot prone or sensitive skin either, as this liquid gel luminzer is oil free and hypoallergenic!



shy beamThe second highlighter to have made it’s way into my make up bag is shy beam liquid highlighter, part of the popular dandelion range from retro brand Benefit. Unlike a more conventional glitter highlighter, shy beam is a beautifully soft pink shimmer-less highlighter that adds a natural radiance to your cheekbone.

I have to admit I was dubious at first. How could a matte highlighter possibly give me that dewy glow I so desperately coveted. However shy beam is like a soft spotlight illuminating your face and I was immediately impressed by how fresh my skin looked. It is perfect to wear for work, or a day event where you might want to forgo the glitter.


Both of these highlighters win serious beauty points for me. Their slender brush applicators make it easy to control how much to apply and with warmer weather well on its way (fingers crossed) liquid highlighter creates a beautiful dewy complexion. Great for the summer!

Strobe away,

B Lips


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