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Summer Brights and Summer Nights

Well summer, we have had some ups and downs, a few tantrum storms but some seriously hot heat-waves too! Enough to get my usually covered in a million layers self to crack out the flip flops at the first hint of sun. So to celebrate all that these summer months embody, I have created a look using some new makeup goodies.

Following my deep obsession with Makeup Revolution’s fortune favours the brave eyeshadow palette, review here, I decided it was absolutely necessary to expand my collection to include their Flawless 2 eyeshadow palette. This palette is a collection of 32 eyeshadows, including a wide selection of matte and shimmer finishes in a rainbow of colours. Just looking at this palette gives me goosebumps it is that pretty and at just £8 in superdrug, it really is perfection.

flawless 2

Here are swatches of the first two rows. As you can see they all have very good coverage and work well with each other to create many different looks. There are a lot of neutral/nude colours including several creams and browns, but a closer look reveals they all have different underlying colour tones to help blend with the brighter colours for a more cohesive finish. I absolutely love the end four orange/red shades, as they scream summer to me and make me think I could be on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in each hand.

flawless 2 top rows

Here are the bottom two rows of this palette. Again great coverage, more so for these two rows than the first two I think. These rows focus more on blue shades for that pop of colour that work really well with the orange shades above but can also be continued through autumn, mixed with browns and creams.

flawless 2 bottom rows

Do I think this is as good as the Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette?

No. The unique colours and pigmentation of the FFTB palette is outstanding and there are a few shadows in this palette that don’t quite live up to my expectations. That’s not to say this isn’t a great palette, and one I am very happy to add to my collection.

I created this tropical look using Impeccable in the inner crease, Sound  in the outer crease  and Expert on the outer lid. To really make the eyes pop, I had to use my first makeup revolution love Fortune Favours the Brave palette, with Golden Coins in the inner corner and the beautifully baked shadow in Skylight over the lid.

summber brights eye collage

Now for my favourite part, lips!

This is my first time trying the liquid lipsticks from Coloured Raine, and I have to say I am majorly impressed. This copper brown beauty is called fame and is one of their metallic finish lipsticks.

coloured raine fame

It has a traditional doe-foot applicator that allows you to apply the lipstick precisely and smoothly. The intensity of colour is absolutely fantastic and the staying power is second to none. The lightweight feel makes you almost forget you are wearing any lipstick, but a quick glance past a mirror reminds you that you definitely are! It takes a couple of minutes to fully dry, but once it has set the result is a beautiful statement pout!

fame lips collage

I finished off with this gorgeous blue nail polish by OPI called Miss Piggy’s Big Number, as well as this little treat from my June Birchbox Paradise Found.

whish cc body cream

This Coconut Milk CC Body Cream from Whish is probably the best smelling thing I have ever come across. This all natural cream full of moisturising coconut oil and other goodies means no more dry skin, and the subtle hint of gold shimmer gives even my pasty skin a gorgeous glow.

fame full length collage

So put on your brightest summer outfit, mine is this colourful strapless dress that my mum insists must be a top it is that short, and embrace these last sunny days.

Until next time summer,

B Lips






P.S Here is a rare sneak peak of the full makeup look, for those who scrolled down this far. A love affair with Beauty must always be secret!

summer bright full makeup

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