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Dames & Dimes

As soon as natural skincare brand Dames & Dimes offered a free sample kit of some of their best selling products, I simply had to snap one up. I am a massive fan of achieving beautiful looking skin without the need for chemicals and tonnes of preservatives. Dames & Dimes are the perfect brand for all your natural skincare needs. Simplicity and effectiveness are at the forefront of all Dames & Dimes handmade products. Created in small batches, to ensure freshness, all their skincare range is free from synthetic colours or fragrances, and made with just good for your skin ingredients.


The sample kit contains:

Nourishing + Strengthening Nail & Cuticle Balm

Soothing + Restoring Intensive Foot Treatment

Moisturizing + Softening Whipped Body Butter


Nourishing + Strengthening Nail & Cuticle Balm

Having a nail polish collection with over 100 polishes means I like to take care of my nails in-between colours and this always involves looking after my cuticles. It may seem like one of those products that is last on your list of things to buy but making sure your nails are in tip top condition is really important, since we all use our hands all the time and are one of the first places to show signs of ageing. This nail and cuticle balm is made from macadamia oil with the extra benefits of vitamin e rich cocoa butter and lavender oil, giving this balm a chocolate herbal scent which is totally divine. I could use this balm all day, but you don’t need to as the moisturising effects last ages and a little goes a really long way! This is by far the best product for keeping my nails healthy I have ever used, and the fact this and all other Dames & Dimes products are not tested on animals means I can enjoy caring for my skin without feeling guilty.

Soothing + Restoring Intensive Foot Treatment

When I use a foot cream I always feel really proud of myself, like I really have my life together! However, I hate to admit my feet are the first to be neglected when it comes to skincare, so it was nice to receive this foot treatment as part of the kit. It is beautifully thick, which is exactly what you want for your feet, but it absorbs straight into your skin, leaving them intensely moisturised. It contains mango and cocoa butter with a hint of peppermint oil, giving this treatment a lovely subtle mint chocolate scent. This foot treatment will definitely be making regular appearances in my skincare regime, especially now it is getting colder and my feet need a little more TLC. No more cracked heels here!

Moisturizing + Softening Whipped Body Butter

I love a good body butter so I was really excited to try this and see the effect. After my last leg shave before they go away for hibernation over the colder months, I decided my shins were definitely the best area to test this bad boy out, since they are extremely dry. The texture of this whipped body butter is gorgeous. It is literally buttery soft and applies like a dream. The scent of this body butter is very subtle, a combination of shea butter and all the natural oils, which I love! I never like my body moisturiser to be overly fragrant as it detracts from my perfume. Plus there is something about too much scent that makes things seem a lot more fake. The second I put this on my legs, I thought wow!!! My legs have never felt this soft! It sinks into my skin within seconds and genuinely makes them feel moisturised. I am writing this blog post five hours after applying the smallest amount and they still feel silky soft.

I am always really hesitant when buying new skincare for my body as it rarely works. However I am seriously impressed by all of these products. The sample kit is free, and all you have to pay is a reduced shipping fee of only £1.95, which is fully redeemable against your next purchase. They now also ship to  the rest of Europe (£3.00) and the US (£3.50). Personally, I will definitely be buying the full sized versions of these products, which are very affordable for such fantastic skincare!

Go give Dames & Dimes a try,

B Lips

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