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Autumn Essentials

I think we can all agree it has definitely got a bit nippy lately. I’ve even started putting the heating on, which is a big deal when you’re a broke student who adds another jumper on top of the four you’re already wearing. I’ve even started making extra cup of teas, just to hold the warm mug, cosy!

With all the chilly air and central heating, my skin is definitely not looking it’s best. Dry and flaky one minute, then oily the next (my reflective forehead acts as the perfect headlight in these longer darker hours).

However with just these few skincare essentials, my skin can tackle anything this classic British weather throws at it!

First up is a Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask by skincare brand Wei. I received this in the fantastic Space NK goodie bag I got after having a wee splurge last month, I really did need all that makeup! I have tried a lot of great face masks over the last couple of month, so this was going to have to be something really special to make an impact.


Containing golden root that combats premature ageing and cellular damage, this chocolate brown mud mask is smoother than liquid gold itself. The smell is also beautiful, a subtle herbal fruity scent that makes using this mask a dream. After using this mask my skin felt so soft and not at all dry.

It comes in a single use pot, although if you don’t pull the entire lid off you could definitely save it and squeeze out two applications!


After a quick mud mask, it’s onto serum in the form of Rodial Dragon’s Blood eye masks. These little bad boys are definitely all good. The bio-cellulose technology makes them feel like a second skin which is perfect for avoiding irritation of the delicate eye area. Rodial’s famous ingredient dragon’s blood eliminates any redness whilst firming the skin. I definitely notice a difference after using these eye masks and since I am a firm believer in preventative measures, I will be buying these by the crate load. The best bit about these eye masks is that you can keep the sachet in your fridge and continue to use the left over serum.


Now I have previously raved about this next product, but it is so good I simply have to mention it again. Optimal Skin Proserum by ESPA is not only my summer essential but also my winter saviour. Not too thick and oily, but still has a lot of substance, this facial oil does everything. Brightens, evens skin tone, firms, protects, improves elasticity, does your shopping, and cooks you dinner.

It absorbs into your skin instantly to leave a delightful scent cocktail of essential oils. You might not think it’s your thing if you aren’t big on fragrances, but this Proserum works such wonders you simply must give it a try. The handy dropper that comes with the full size version also makes sure you apply just the right amount and adds that little extra something to an already luxurious product.


I think we all know, that we probably own more lipbalms than is necessary and why would you need another one. Well it’s time to get out your purse because this is THE lipbalm. Part of my August Little Known Box, this peach bellini version by Fairypants is the ultimate lip treat. Where to begin with the list of great things about this lipbalm. It’s vegan, so you can moisturise your lips to your hearts content knowing it is free from any animal products and never been tested on animals. One of the main ingredients is jojoba oil, my favourite base wax as it is the closest wax that behaves in the same way as our natural skin oils. The scent is fantastic, so fruity and delicious, I can forgive the fact it reminds me I don’t have an actual peach bellini to drink. Furthermore at only £3.99, my bank account won’t hurt me with every use, which is incredibly frequent in this weather. As it says on the website, you’ll never look back, and I certainly won’t.


Finally, it’s another all natural skincare goodie from Dames & Dimes. I tried their skincare tester kit out last month and instantly became a fan. One of the trio is a Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Balm which smells of chocolate with a woody edge, a delightful result of all the moisturising oils and butters packed into this wonder balm. It is perfect for my nails, as all the time I spend in labs leaves them dry and brittle, but with the addition of cold weather, it has far superseded all other nail care products. Just a small dab is enough to leave my cuticles moisturised and smooth.

Look after your skin this Autumn,

B Lips


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