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Romancing with Modern Renaissance

Every so often there is a certain beauty product that everyone becomes obsessed with, whether that be a highlighter, foundation or a lipstick. Velvet Teddy anyone!?

This year I think it is safe to say Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette Modern Renaissance has become a cult hit. Beauty bloggers all over the world raved about it, people knew at least five people who owned one and it was sold out everywhere very very quickly.

Now me being the beauty addict I am, was of course desperate to get my hands on this palette. I put myself on  many waiting lists, and waited. I waited some more, and more and more. It was at this point I started to accept the fact I might not get one and convinced myself it probably wasn’t worth it.

Then one day, as I was going through my daily scroll of twitter I saw it, the tweet, Cult Beauty had it back in stock. Well you can imagine the frenzy that ensued. I was right in the middle of work, getting ready to attend a meeting but nothing, nothing was going to stop me buying this palette. I had been eating noodles and beans on toast all week to save a bit of money but the £41 for Modern Renaissance was so necessary I was willing to go a few more weeks on the ramen.

A few days later it arrived and I opened the packaging so quickly, I really was like a child on Christmas day. I opened the palette and literally gasped!

It was a thing of beauty!


Now remembering not to judge a book by it’s cover, swatches were a must:


The butteriness (is that a word?) of these eyeshadows is amazing. They are extremely soft and so pigmented I had to do more swatches just to believe what I was seeing.


This is by far the best palette I have ever owned. All the colours are unique, I have never seen eyeshadow shades like this in one palette. They really are individual but still modern. All the colours are cohesive, which is great since they blend like a dream. I’d like to say I have a favourite shade in the palette, but I seriously love them all. Another plus point, as there is nothing worse than hitting pan on one overused shade and still have some untouched.

Of course I had to create some eye looks and settled on one pink look and one orange look.


This look was created using the following eyeshadows:

Inner corner: Vermeer

Crease: Buon Fresco

Crease and outer lid: Love Letter

Outer eye: Ventian Red

Lower lash line: Vermeer and Love Letter


The second eye look I did (I could have done more but my eyes needed a rest!) used the following shades:

Inner corner: Primavera

Inner crease: Golden Ochre

Crease: Warm Taupe followed by raw Sienna

Lid: Burnt Orange

Outer eye: Realgar and Red Ochre

Lower lash line: Realgar

As you can see I was desperate to use as many colours as possible they are that beautiful.

So I think it’s no surprise that I think Modern renaissance palette is not only worth the hype but also the money. I am almost tempted to buy another for when I use all of this one, which at the rate I am using will be very soon!

If you haven’t jumped on this particular beauty bandwagon yet, I strongly recommend you do.

Make sure you have a romance with Modern Renaissance,


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