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Merry Masterclass by Rodial

With all the fantastic Rodial skincare and makeup products in my collection, attending a one to one masterclass at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar was the perfect opportunity to learn some tricks of the trade just in time for Christmas.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rodial’s international beauty expert Jon Rummins, who had travelled up to treat us Liverpudlians to our own personal makeover, the Rodial way!

First things first, a little skincare.

After removing my makeup with Dragon’s Blood Micellar Cleansing Water and a quick spritz of matching Hyaluronic Tonic, Jon explained the best order to apply your skincare for maximum benefit is to apply the lightest products first and work your way up to thicker, creamier products like moisturiser.

ALWAYS apply your eye cream first. It can be easy to fall into the trap of putting your moisturiser on, followed by your eye cream (I am definitely guilty!). This however makes it harder for your eye cream to absorb into the deeper layers of your skin and hamper all those hardworking ingredients from doing their job.

Regarding eye cream, my previous product caused me to develop small but prominent bumps under my eyes, not very pleasing. Jon informed me that this can be a combination of applying your cream to high as well as using a cream that is too rich. This is where Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel makes a magical entrance.

I have been using this eye gel for over a month and it is fantastic. Cooling, hydrating and of course containing the wonder ingredient dragon’s blood to soothe and decrease redness. This gel is everything and more in a stylish pot that dispenses just the right amount per application.

Top tip 1: Apply a small amount of gel to the skin on your orbital bone. There is no need to apply right below the eye, as the gel will be absorbed and drawn up into the more delicate skin.

Next is serum, then ultra nourishing superfood stem cell facial oil.

Top tip 2: Dispense a few drops of oil onto the tips of your fingers and lightly press over your skin. Harsh rubbing movements are not necessary.

Last of the skincare is moisturiser. Jon applied the new Snake Moisturiser O2. This fabulously light cream instantly firms and smooths the skin, whilst the oxygen carrier complex boosts circulation. Only 1-2 pumps is needed morning and night to observe radiant skin!

Once my skin had been prepped it was onto makeup!

After a good natter, and another glass of champagne for me, Jon and I agreed that a classic Christmas look for the day was needed. We all know how to get that perfect dramatic eye and statement lip for the evening, but not every Christmas party is a night party and I was excited to add that extra special something for my day look during the festive season.

A flawless base was created using skin tint+. I have previously raved about this as my go to foundation for when I want great looking skin without too much effort. What’s even better, Jon agrees you can apply this lightweight medium coverage tint with your fingers if you are short on time, or with a foundation brush for a truly airbrushed look. Either way the result is a beautiful dewy, streak free base to apply your makeup.

Top Tip 3: Leave your concealer until last to prevent eyeshadow fallout emphasising dark circles. However foundation before eyes is perfectly acceptable as it helps you envisage the final look better than if you applied it after eye makeup.

Lock in foundation with a quick dusting of Translucent HD Powder, before creating razor sharp cheekbone with my favourite contour powder.

Top Top 4: Apply contour powder in a teardrop shape below your cheekbone, as well as along the jaw line, down the sides of the nose and hair line for definition. Always apply in light layers. Contour is better to build up rather than trying to blend away.

Next, my favourite part, highlight!

I already had my eye on Rodial’s Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder, the perfect no sparkle but all glow highlighter, and I was not disappointed! This powder is so soft and silky, it glides on like a dream to leave a beautiful even glow. It is a lovely peach champagne colour that suits everyone and it may be my favourite highlighter yet, so of course I bought it. Christmas is the time for gift giving…. to myself!

Top Tip 5: Lightly dust along cheekbone, down length of nose and cupid’s bow for that highly coveted glow from within.

These next few tips really help to achieve the perfect festive day look and they take just minutes to complete.

Top Tip 6: Brush just one eyeshadow colour of choice over the whole lid, then with a small brush or even just your finger, dab some highlighting powder (I’m wearing the brand new Rodial Deluxe Highlighting Powder 02) in the middle of the lid. Result – a beautiful three dimensional look with minimal fuss and effort.

Let’s move on to lips.

If you are not keen on bright lips for the day, Rodial Suede Lips in Big Apple is just the fruity shade you have been looking for. Read my review here.

Top Tip 7: After applying suede lips, add a lighter, glossier colour to the centre of your lips to stop them looking too flat. It is the season for sparkle after all!

Jon completed my look with the new baking powder.

For me makeup is all about having fun and ever since I saw the baking powder trends (including a classic makeup meme or two…) I knew baking was going to be part of my makeup routine.


After applying concealer under the eye, apply an even layer on top to set your concealer and create an “I’ve had a whole day worth of beauty sleep” appearance. Not only does this technique make your eyes look brighter but it also cleans up your makeup and emphasise your eyes. A detailed tutorial can be found on the Rodial website.

If you have the opportunity to attend a masterclass by Rodial, I really recommend you go. Shock I know ;-p , but as Jon has shown me, all of their products are extremely versatile and perfect for any look.

Make your Christmas merry by visiting Rodial this December,


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