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Let’s Party like it’s 2017!

Whether you are glad to see the end of 2016 or if you are just excited to start the new year, I hope everyone had the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family over the last few days, maybe even make a resolution or two?!

Personally I am starting a fresh in February. January is a bit too much like hard work, what with the actual work I have to do as well as some recovering after a bit too much partying this festive season. Speaking of which, New Years Eve for me is normally spent at home, chilling on the sofa with a gin & tonic, listening to the fireworks outside, then promptly falling asleep at 12:01am. This year, I was invited to a house party, so an effort needed to be made and a NYE look put together!

First things first, eyes.

Since it was NYE, I decided to go all out with some pressed glitter by Glitter Eyes. After creating a soft brown smoky edge with my Makeup Geek eyeshadows, I gently pressed Glitter Eyes Pressed Glitter in Queen B on the main part of my lid. This is a beautiful light gold glitter with an additional rainbow shimmer when the light hits. It is exactly what you need with glitter, pure sparkle! I found it relatively easy to apply with a standard eyeshadow brush, but you could also use your fingers. There was very little fallout, great for when you don’t want to cover your whole body in glitter. I did use a little bit of clear primer on my lid first and applied the glitter while it was still wet. I did this as my lids are slightly hooded and eyeshadow from my lid tends to transfer onto my brow.  However, Glitter Eyes do say, there is no need for glue as the glitter should just glide on and stay put.

Another great thing about these pressed glitters is you can’t even feel yourself wearing glitter. Nobody wants their lids to feel heavy when they need to stay awake all night! It was also really easy to remove with a standard makeup remover, with only the odd speck still there in the morning.

Next is lips, and with such statement eyes, I decided a more natural but very glossy lip would be perfect. For this I looked to Nars to create the perfect pout.

Excitingly named Sex Machine, this Velvet Matte Lip Pencil applies ever so easily to leave natural  flushed pink lips. Even though it is matte, this lip pencil is not drying at all and lasts for ages.

Now, I’m not usually a lip gloss fan (way too sticky), and when I was visiting Nars on an impromptu shopping trip, I was asked if I wanted to try a gloss over my new found Sex Machine lips. I said yes, thinking well why not but I’m not going to like it, and you guessed it, I was massively wrong!

Chelsea Girls lip gloss is the perfect peachy pink, that gives the ultimate glossy pout with absolutely zero stick!! I was shocked. After spending ages buying gloss after gloss in the hopes of achieving that celebrity pout, but always ending up looking more Barbie than Bardot, I had by chance stumbled across the perfect product.

Finally, I finished my look with Ciate nail polish in Fashionista Sister. It is a dramatic purple shade with undertones of blue and brown with a shimmer finish. The formula is of course just as flawless as other Ciate polishes, and I only needed two coats to get great coverage.

This look was finished off with big hair, lots of glow and Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence perfume.

So 2017 here we are, and we are ready!!

Fingers crossed it is going to be a good year, filled with happiness, good weather and great makeup!

Happy New Year,

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