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Everything is Peachy

I think I can refer to “we” as in basically the whole world, when I say we have all been waiting eagerly for the release of the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection. Even though I was enamoured by all the different peachy products, it was the blush, aptly named Papa Don’t Peach, that I particularly coveted.

Let’s go back in time to December 2016, before Christmas when it was announced Selfridges would be exclusively selling the Papa Don’t Peach blush from the 19th of January 2017. Immediately, I made a mental note of the date and said I just have to have it, but as the month went on I started to wonder did I really need it?

At £25 plus another £5 for delivery it certainly wasn’t cheap, especially for a blush of which I have many. Add to that the mixed reviews on the eyeshadow palette with some saying the poor pigmentation of certain shades was not worth the money, and the disappointment over the Glow Palette with very little colour pay off, my initial excitement for the blush was waning.

Before writing off this purchase all together, I decided a bit more research was in order and scoured the internet for detailed information on this peachy blush. Yes, it smells amazing, and yes the tin is incredibly cute, but intense scrutiny of a few swatch pictures and this blush was looking much pinker than I wanted. So a day before the release I decided it was a no from me.

So what changed to make me purchase this blush? Honestly, I have no idea, makeup addiction probably, and at 11pm on a weekday I opened up the Selfridges website and bought it. Just like that. Best decision ever, well done addict me!

First packaging, obviously I love it. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but I love the cutsie bright tin and the magnetic closure makes this item feel a lot more expensive than cheaper brands. Good start.

Obviously I have to mention the smell. I think actual drooling might have taken place when I first sniffed this blush. It smells exactly like those peach pick ‘n’ mix sweets, all fruity and juicy. When I’m at home, I sometimes just open it up just to smell it and then close it again.

Next is the swatch test. Using one of my fabulous Spectrum Collection Bombshell brushes I applied this my arm and I happy to see the pigmentation of this blush is really amazing. I have of course also applied this to my cheeks (on top of foundation) and can confirm the colour pay off is just as good. It’s not powdery at all and applies very evenly leaving just the slightest whiff of peach, which I am grateful for as I don’t like anything too fragrant on my face.

It is a true peach colour with a hint of sparkle, not too over the top. I then compared it with my other all time favourite blush Nars Orgasm to make a colour comparison and as you can see, Orgasm is much more of a true pink blush. For me this solidified my justification for buying this blush, as I have a lot of pink blushers and wanted something that would create a more cohesive look with my more orange toned makeup.

I can honestly say there isn’t one thing about this blush I don’t like. It is a touch on the expensive side, but I think the product more than lives up to the price.

Have you taken the peachy plunge? If so what are your thoughts on this collection?

Become Peach Perfect,


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