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My True Love this Valentine’s Day

Cards filled with sweet nothings and romantic poems. Bouquets of fragrant flowers, delicate rose petals and boxes of sweet truffle chocolates. These are the unmistakable signs of Valentine’s Day and this year, A Love Affair with Beauty has four secret admirers. The first one only wants me for my lips. The second has a thing for my hands. Number three loves when I seductively flutter my lashes and the last adds a certain sparkle to my life. They love me and I certainly love them. It may seem unfair having so many suitors on Valentine’s Day but they are my perfect foursome. They are part of my true love, my one and only paramour, Makeup.

Makeup allows me to become the best of my already fabulous self. Whether I’m one half of my ideal duo or single and not ready to mingle, I think spending time on Valentine’s Day that is just for me, creating a look that makes me feel glamourous is what this day is all about.

Flutter & Sparkle

My look of love starts with the eyes and what could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day than the sparkle of glitter?

Enter Prima Makeup. A collection of pressed and loose glitters that have been designed to help you Glitter Like You Mean It and boy do they mean it! Along with one of their popular glitter makeup stackers which is full of loose glitters that are so stunning I’m writing a whole separate post on their beauty, I was sent a selection of pressed glitters (£3.75 each) in a variety of mesmerising shades:

Prosecco Princess – holographic metallic glitter that shifts from champagne gold to shimmering silver

Raindrops On Roses – multi-tonal pressed glitter with sparkles of light blue, dark blue and stunning pink

Pink to Make the Boys Wink – a baby pink pressed glitter with a metallic finish

Unicorn Tears – part of the chameleon collection with colours that shift from purple to lilac, pink and silver.

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter Eyeshadows

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter Eyeshadows

Prima Makeup Pressed Glitters have a built-in adhesive that makes applying them an absolute dream. They have a beautiful consistency that feels very similar to a cream eyeshadow. Soft and silky, there’s zero scratchiness that clearly reflects the high quality cosmetic grade glitter used in each one. As well as being cruelty free and vegan friendly, they all have magnetic pans that can be swapped to create your own personalised glitter palette.

Would you believe I created this look with just Prima Makeup Pressed Glitters?! They are so sparkly and pigmented, I didn’t even need to use an eyeshadow as an initial base. With firm pressure but not too firm I’d dig into the pan, I simply picked up the glitter with my fingertips and gently pressed along my eyelid until I’d built up to the desired coverage.

The multi-tonal shades of each pressed glitter means the colours easily blend together to create a cohesive look that lasts all day with very little, if any fallout, allowing me to sparkle to my hearts content.

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter eyeshadows, Kiss eyelashes, Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter eyeshadows, Kiss eyelashes, Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic

No Valentine’s Day eye look is complete without a fabulous pair of false eyelashes. Kiss’s True Volume Spicy lashes add some serious va va voom to my glam glitter eyes. Made from 100% human hair tapered to resemble a natural eyelash, they blend into your own for a seamless finish.

The lightweight band has the right amount of bend allowing easy application without any pinging off from your lash line. I applied my True Volume lashes with the Kiss Strip Lash Aloe Glue. This strip lash adhesive smells lovely and once tacky, hold my lashes in place with no need for touch ups. However, I find it does come out of the tube too fast and quite a lot at once. This resulted in clumping of lash sections which I had to spend some time picking off. In future I will squeeze some onto a separate surface and use a cotton bud to apply to the lash band.

Valentine's Day look with Kiss True volume Spicy lashes and Impress one-step gel nails

Valentine's Day look with Kiss True volume Spicy lashes and Impress one-step gel nails

Kiss Strip Aloe Lash Adhesive

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter eyeshadows, Kiss eyelashes, Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic


Perfect Pink Lips & French Tips

What could be a better lip colour than one that is the perfect shade just for me? No I haven’t gone crazy and spent all my money creating a new lipstick range. My perfect pink is actually the result of a little magic. Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic (£15) from Instant Beauty Fix is a clever little lipstick that adjusts to your lips natural PH levels creating the perfect pink with a subtle hint of strawberry fragrance.

My personal pink is quite bright but then my lips are naturally on the rosy side and Lip Magic allows me to enhance my pout for that “my lips but better” look. It glides onto my lips like a dream and I wasn’t expecting it to be so moisturising. It feels as nourishing as a lip balm but certainly packs more of a colour punch. Along with the cute heart detailing on the sleek silver bullet, it compliments my inner eye “Pink to make the Boys Wink” sparkle. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic Lipstick

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter eyeshadows, Kiss eyelashes, Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic

Valentine's Day look with Prima Makeup Glitter eyeshadows, Kiss eyelashes, Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic


My Valentine’s Day look is completed with a manicure and this has to be the most hassle-free, quickest manicure ever. Working in a lab means my nail polish chips within hours, so press on nails sound ideal. ImPress One-Step Gel nails are as easy as, well one. No more worrying about pesky smudges, simply peel off the protective layer and press onto clean nails. Voila!

The durability of these nails is incredible. I was worried I’d be too rough but it’s been over a week and they’re still going strong. The only downside and this is more to do with my own natural nail shape, is that my skin and cuticle is level with my nail. Obviously, not everyone’s nails are like this but if they are, then at certain angles you can see you’re wearing stick on nails. If Kiss could design the nails with a gradually thinning base I would be thrilled. However, even with this, my nails have never looked so polished. Plus the silver trim on the ring finger mirrors my glitter makeup, making me feel ultra chic and frankly like I actually have my life together!

Valentine's Day look with Kiss True volume Spicy lashes and Impress one-step gel nails

Impress one-step gel french manicure nails

Impress one-step gel french manicure nails

Shop the Look:

Glitter eyeshadow – Prima Makeup

Kiss True Volume Lashes in ‘Spicy’ – Boots

Poni Cosmetics Lip Magic – Instant Beauty Fix

Impress One-Step Gel nails in ‘Rock It’ – Superdrug


Love and kisses,

Captial B Lips Pout






*These products were sent for review purposes but I always give an honest review, where all opinions and views are 100% my own.


  1. January 28, 2018 / 9:07 am

    I loved this introduction! So witty, yet so true!

  2. January 28, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    Gorgeous makeup look, the eyes are stunning!! Lovely photos too😊✨

  3. January 28, 2018 / 8:30 pm

    Om eh gee, your makeup is so on point and looking fantastic! All the glitter! I wish I could pull such a look! xx corinne

  4. January 28, 2018 / 9:03 pm

    Oh my goodness I need to get my hands on some of those eyeshadows! They look amazing! What absolutely insane pigment! Your whole look is gorgeous, I love ph changing lipsticks!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  5. January 28, 2018 / 9:41 pm

    Ohhhh that eyeshadow looks SO nice!! How stunning do you look?! I’d never even heard of this brand so I can’t wait to look into it more! x


  6. February 4, 2018 / 10:35 am

    Sooo pretty! Love the look you created with the glitters and your nails look gorgeous. X

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