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Glitter like you mean it with Prima Makeup

I love glitter, it will always be part of my life.

That may sound intense but I have three reasons why the sparkle is here to stay:

  1. It’s impossible to get rid of entirely. Seriously, even when you think you’ve removed every speck with an industrial strength makeup remover, you can still find glitter in your evening spag bol weeks later.
  2. With all the stresses in my life (usually a lack of coffee), being able to put them aside and let my creativity flow with makeup, allows me to not only do something I enjoy but actually relax. Glitter adds an element of fun that I always want, no need in my life.
  3. It’s the ultimate product to achieve a serious glamourous look.

I know lots of people consider glitter to be over the top or too much hassle to apply. However, the reality is you can use as little or as much as you want. Cut crease, eyeliner, or full on glitter, it’s entirely up to you and Prima Makeup is perfect for all three!

Prima Makeup is an incredible collection of glitter makeup that can satisfy even the strongest desire for sparkle. It’s a one-stop shop for glitter and the story behind how Prima become to be is a pretty incredible one. Whilst suffering from life-threatening sepsis, Emma began to reflect and consider what she really wanted in life. She dreamt of creating a cosmetic brand with new and exciting products that captured the latest trends at affordable prices and as soon as she recovered, she set about turning that dream into a reality. Prima Makeup Loose Glitter Stacker set pink

Prima Makeup Loose Glitter Stacker set pink

Tired of messy loose glitters and poor sticking power, Emma started creating and testing formulas, until she finally found the perfect mix for Prima Pressed Glitters. Made with a built-in adhesive they’re super pigmented and the colour range is completely mesmerising. My love affair for pressed glitters is very serious but it’s their loose glitters that had piqued my interest.

Prima Makeup have a fabulous collection of loose glitters in stackable tubs so you can glitter on the go. I have the Sparkling Smoochers Glitter Stacker (12.99) which contains an array of pink shades, perfect for creating that statement pout. Included is a Unicorn Poop adhesive that contains jojoba and apricot seed oil to keep lips soft and smooth. It smells incredible, lovely and fruity with a hint of it’s own personal sparkle.

Prima Makeup Loose Glitter Stacker set pink

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop and loose glitter

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop and loose glitter

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop and loose glitter

I decided my stacker was destined to be part of a full-on glitter lip with an ombre twist. After applying a thin layer of adhesive, I simply patted on my chosen shades and voila! The great thing about these loose glitters is that they’re so finely milled, they feel really smooth on the lips. Every one is really lightweight, even in combination with the cosmetic glue and the finished look is glitter heaven. My sparkling smoochers stayed on pretty well for glitter, but obviously you can’t go mental on the eating and drinking front.

I paired my pout with a sparkle eyeliner created with a Prima Makeup Chunky Silver Loose Glitter. I love the whole eyeliner deal, I think it’s a great way to incorporate a touch of glam for those who are glitter shy. Simple and chic. I can honestly say with all the anxiety I get trying to do normal eyeliner, this is the way forward! Not having to be so precise with my wing as I would with traditional liner, I repeated the same process as before and I was good to go.

Prima Makeup Chunky loose silver glitter

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop and loose glitter

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop and loose glitter

So whether you’re not sure about the sparkle or could happily bathe in the stuff, Prima Makeup have you covered.


Time to glitter like you mean it!,

Captial B Lips Pout






*These products were sent for review purposes but I always give an honest review, where all opinions and views are 100% my own.

1 Comment

  1. February 9, 2018 / 6:02 pm

    Wow this is amazing <3 You look beautiful. I treat myself to their palette in the boxing day sales and can't wait to use all the pressed glitter. Great post lovely xx


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