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I’ve always been makeup mad for as long as I can remember. Whether it is the latest foundation, lipstick or skincare, I have a full on love affair with everything beauty!

My main job is working as a research scientist in a laboratory, but when I’m not finding the cure for all illnesses (I wish), I am secretly coveting everything in the beauty world. My blog posts are a mixture of in-depth reviews of the latest products, swatches and makeup looks, as well as anything I love so much I simply have to share.

All of the products I write about are bought by myself unless otherwise stated. Some of my posts do contain affiliate links, which I indicate at the end. These do not influence my opinions of the products in anyway, and allow me to earn a percentage of commission on product sales. Clicking on the link does not cost the reader anything but does allow me to upgrade from beans on toast for every meal!

I live in Liverpool and regularly travel to London, so I am always up for attending blogger events. If you need to get in touch, please email me at contactb@aloveaffairwithbeauty.com

It’s a love affair with beauty, and like all good love affairs, this one continues to grow.


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