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But first coffee.

Every now and then I find myself trying beauty product after beauty product, numerous lotions and potions, searching for something that suits my needs, with little success.

Body scrub was one of those tricky purchases. Finding one to exfoliate even the toughest patches, whilst not scratching away half of my skin. One that smelled good enough to eat and even moisturised as well.

I began to think I was asking too much, it wasn’t possible one product could do all that and the perfect body scrub would continue to elude me.

That is until recently.

Drinking my morning coffee, I happened to stumble across an article about the mega super benefits of using coconut oil as a moisturiser. This would be fantastic if a) I had plenty of time to apply and wait for it to be absorbed before I put on my clothes and dash to work and b) I didn’t live in the north of England, a place which I swear is cold 90% of the year and any second undressed is very unpleasant (yes I am a major wuss). A wonderful moisturiser yes, but coconut oil didn’t solve my problem of finding a great exfoliator.

As the day progressed, it wasn’t until I was onto my fourth coffee of the day that I realised I was drinking the solution. 

Coffee Scrub!

There are many great coffee scrubs out there, one of the best is frank body scrub, who spoil us with not one but four delectable coffee scrubs as well as an array of other coffee based skin care.

However, since I drink so much coffee, I own enough beans to make my own:

225g ground coffee (grind to desired coarseness)

80g coconut oil (melt in pan)

3 tbsp sea salt

Mix together and that’s it. You can then either keep it in a jar or spoon into a cupcake tin and once set you have individual blocks you can use per shower. I like to keep mine in a Kilner jar and grab handfuls at a time to make sure I am completely covered.

If coconut oil is not your thing, you can easily substitute coconut oil for a base oil like jojoba oil which works just as well, and even add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for added fragrance. Bergamot oil is a great choice.

One of the best things about this scrub is that if you put it on first thing the coconut oil protects your skin from getting too dry in the hot water, which is necessary if like me you like your shower scalding!

The smell is also divine but not overpowering, so you can apply your favourite perfume afterwards without worrying you smell like a venti coconut latte.

The only negative is that coffee scrub can be quite messy. The first time I used it, my boyfriend came home utterly perplexed as to why I had tried to make coffee in the bath, but a quick rinse and any granules wash away easily.

Problem solved.

Homemade, natural body scrub. Freshly ground coffee to stimulate circulation, tighten skin and exfoliate, and coconut oil to moisturise without clogging pores. You really can’t go wrong!

Happy exfoliating,

B Lips

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