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The Science behind Beauty (Day 4)

Buzzword 4: Fatty acids

Another group of acids that are staples in a lot of skincare are fatty acids. Found naturally in vegetable fats and oils, they are mainly used as emollients (a fancy word for moisturisers) preventing moisture loss and increasing skin’s hydration. However every oil differs in their fatty acid composition and it is important to find the right one to suit your skin.

Oleic acid is best suited to dry skin types, as it is easily absorbed and good for treating tight irritated skin. A monosaturated fatty acid, oleic acid is one of the main components in olive and sweet almond oil as well as shea butter. It is also good for ageing skin as it is high in antioxidants, reported to prevent cell damage.

Oils with high oleic acid content:

olive oil

hazelnut oil

argan oil

sweet almond oil

In contrast to this is linoleic acid. A much lighter oil, it still provides moisture to the skin minus the heaviness of an oleic acid product. Linoleic acid is perfect if you suffer from acne or sensitive skin as it is known to unclog pores and stop inflammation.

I can personally say as someone who has combination skin, with an oily t-zone (sometimes I think I could make a fortune off the oil from my forehead!) one of the best oils I have used containing high levels of linoleic acid is ProSerum by luxury skincare specialists ESPA. This oil has done wonders for my skin, leaving it hydrated and moisturised without causing breakouts.

Oils with high linoleic acid content:

evening primrose oil

grapeseed oil

sunflower oil

rosehip seed oil

day 4 oils

Once you have determined which oil suits your skin type, there are many benefits to using an oil over a moisturiser. Apart from being natural, if you suffer oily skin, using the right oil will trick your skin into producing less. Bonus!

Top fatty acid beauty products

Oleic acid – Nuxe huile prodigieuse dry oil

Linoleic acid – ESPA optimal skin ProSerum

Scientifically yours,

B Lips

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