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What A Peach!

I have received a few emails asking me how I created the smokey peach eye featured in the post Fruity Favourites. I created this look to not only be summery but also because it is really easy to do. I am not a qualified MUA, I am a beauty blogger and like most people I do not have professional lighting, a perfect backdrop or access to the latest airbrushing software.

I know what it is like to spend hours on Pinterest (majorly obsessed) or youtube checking out a great tutorial, giving it a go only to step back, check out the result in the mirror and it look like a toddler has been let loose on your face. These people are experts. I have awed over Nikkie tutorials, with her seriously mad skills and wished I could create a whole look with just liquid lipstick! but that is the point, it is not meant to be discouraging, these looks are inspiration! So experiment, try different colours and finishes. Try that crease cut or winged liner, and if it goes wrong or looks different to the MUA, so what! That’s real.

So here is my quick step by step guide on how I created a peachy smokey look using NYX professional makeup eyeshadows.

Peach eye with descriptions

Practice makes perfect,


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