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Crystal Clear Nail Care


We all live such busy lives, that sometimes it can be easy to neglect our nails. After a long day at work that seems to drag on for a week all I want to do is get home, have a cup of tea and of course put my pjs on (my house can get littered with clothing garments from the immediate necessity to remove them the second I walk through the front door!), so unfortunately caring for my nails is bottom of the priority list.

Top that off with the fact that we subject our hands to daily stressors and pollutants, our nails can be left brittle and discoloured. Plus lets not forget those awful moments when a nail breaks. We have all been there, when suddenly something doesn’t feel right, your finger feels weird and you look down to see that your nail has committed the ultimate betrayal. A betrayal that hurts deep, with that jagged edge feeling like an actual knife in your heart.

So while I am drinking that satisfying cup of clipper, I spend ten minutes using some of my favourite nail care products getting my nails into shape ready for the billion nail polishes in my drawer.

First I use Sally Hansen strengthening nail polish remover with vitamin B5, followed by quick shape using Leighton Denny’s crystal nail file.

This file is the creme de la creme of nails files. I used to spend my time filing my nails with what is essentially sandpaper until nail expert Leighton Denny brought out what can only be described as the one nail file to rule them all!

This crystal file is so easy to use and literally turns the nail edge to dust, leaving an incredibly smooth edge. Whenever I use this file I never get that feeling I am doing more harm than good which I get with traditional nail fails. I would never use another after experiencing what this one can do, and that is definitely saying something. It comes in two sizes, big and a handy travel size. I have the smaller version which does the job perfectly and comes in its very own case to pop in my handbag to come to my rescue in times of nail crises.

Next I give my nails a quick buff using Models own four-way nail buffer block. When it comes to buffing nails, less is more. I try to not buff my nails no more than once a month. Over buffing leads to thin, weak nails. I buff in an X shape, just enough to get rid of any vertical lines (a natural nail occurrence, if you notice deep horizontal ridges on your nails known as Beau’s lines, you might want to get them checked out by your GP).

For a no-fuss natural look, I forgo colour nail varnish once in a while and go for a simple high gloss, highly polished look. Using one coat of vitamin packed Nails inc NailKale base coat, I go straight for my favourite clear top coat Leighton Denny Crystal Finish top coat.

Finally, I finish my mini nail pamper with Nails Inc vitamin E nail oil pen. I have raved about this pen in my post The Science Behind Beauty. It is really easy to use, smells lovely and has the added benefits of vitamin E to soften and moisturise your cuticles.

As you can see with a little bit of love and attention, nail perfection is a file, oil and buff away. Plus with beautifully prepped nails I can now justify making it a billion and one polishes.

Nail it!





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