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Black, White and Pop

There is something about winged eyeliner with a bold lip that is my all time favourite makeup look.

Simple, Classic.

Armed with the makeup basics, brushes and a new A Love Affair with Beauty Babe, I was ready to create that famous flick with a modern twist.

After priming with Urban Decay original primer potion, I created a base using Sleek Idivine eye palette: A New Day. This extremely versatile palette contains twelve eyeshadows perfect for an everyday look. This palette really does work as hard as you do. Filled with nudes, peaches, browns and golds, all of these shades have excellent coverage and staying power. Here I used a cream in the inner corner and a light tan blended on the outside of the lid.

Next it was time for the infamous winged eyeliner. I will admit I was terrified to do this part and made myself at least three cups of tea before I convinced myself I was sufficiently hydrated to take on this challenge. Initially I used NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker in charcoal. This has a felt tip pen like end which I find easy to handle to create a smooth line with a classic flick to finish. The downside to this eyeliner is that it isn’t as opaque as I would like. You can still see a hint of skin beneath the pen, so I finished off with Maybelline Master Ink Satin eyeliner. This has a traditional brush tip and even though I personally find this kind of pen trickier to use, the coverage is fantastic.

Finally, I underlined the wing of the eyeliner with NYX white liquid liner to create a truly modern look. This eyeliner is a true white and applies nicely. Unfortunately that is where the positives end. I love NYX cosmetics but for me this eyeliner is a let down. Once applied, it dries and immediately starts cracking. For this look it wasn’t too much of a problem as it was only a small section of white, but to spend time perfecting a wing along the entire eye only to have it crack and flake off would be a big disappointment.


Of course I can’t resist a pop of colour to finish off a look, and what better way to achieve this than with one of the many desirable colours from the Urban Decay Vice collection. This is an orange-red lipstick called Temper, with a comfort matte finish. Although it doesn’t provide the matte finish you would get from a true matte lippy, there is a slight sheen to the colour, all the comfort matte lipsticks do exactly what they say. They apply like a dream to deliver long-lasting colour with a barely there feeling. No dry lips here!

temper UD

Go modern classic,

B Lips

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