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Not my First Rodial

Rodial is a luxury skincare brand created by Maria Hatzistefanis, one of those effortlessly chic woman I am always trying to emulate, and who you must follow on instagram @mrsrodial for your fix of inspiration, beauty tips and tricks, and insight into her journey on building a beauty empire!

After identifying a gap in the market she decided a skincare brand that targets specific skin concerns was necessary, one that uses high performing ingredients that really work, and thus Rodial was born.

There are six main ranges for facial skincare:

  1. Bee venom – Yes you read that right! This range targets advanced signs of ageing through an award-winning peptide technology combined with bee venom for younger looking skin.
  2. Dragons blood – Another great name for a range that is all about combatting loss of skin elasticity, dehydration and redness.
  3. Superacids – This is one of my particular favourites of Rodial as it tackles breakouts, uneven skintone and dull skin.
  4. Snake – Mimicking the effects of snake venom, this range is for anyone concerned with wrinkles, lines and the smoothness of their skin.
  5. Pink Diamond – Created to firm and lift  and of course add radiance.
  6. Stem Cell – My mum is a big fan of this range. Perfect for dry, dull skin, the stem cell range is full of vitamins and omegas to nourish and repair.

That’s the great thing with Rodial, all the products have been expertly formulated with innovative technology that means business whilst still being a fun, modern skincare brand.

I first experienced Rodial skincare during a complimentary facial offered at a beauty event hosted by Harvey Nichols. Tailoring the products to suit my skin needs, my Rodial expert explained to me what she was using as well as the long-lasting benefits that come from each product. Since then, Rodial skincare makes a daily appearance in my beauty routine.

Here are my top three Rodial picks:

Super Acids x-treme exfoliating glycolic cleanser


I have spoken about my love for this chartreuse clad cleanser in my post Giving up Makeup! This gentle but hard-working gel is the reason why for the first time EVER, I feel confident to go out without foundation. One pump every morning and night has revealed even and blemish free skin. At £29, it is 100% worth it.

Dragons Blood hyaluronic tonic

rodial tonic

This handy spray contains hyaluronic acid to provide hydration, vitamin b3 to brighten and the famous dragons blood from the Croton Uechleri trees, which reduces redness and protects skin from pollutants. I love to spritz this delicious rose scented tonic just after applying my morning moisturiser to set me up for the day as it leaves my skin feeling really supple and hydrated.

Snake Mask


The second I saw this I knew I had to try it. A peel off mask that was inspired by the effects of the temple viper venom to reduce the look of lines was just too apPEALing (pardon the pun). The consistency of this mask is very viscous and if you want it to peel off properly you need to apply a reasonably thick layer, so I like to use a foundation brush which makes the whole experience a lot less messy! It has quite a strong scent, due to the liquorice extract meant to reduce the appearance of age spots, which does make the eyes sting a little so be careful if you have sensitive eyes, but after a minute or two that begins to subside. While I waited for it to dry, around 20-30 minutes, I read about how the kaolin french clay draws out impurities and reduces enlarged pores, perfect for my overly oily skin. Time for the fun part! This really is so fun to remove and peels off with relative ease. I managed to get mine off all in one weird face mask piece, just like a snake shedding it’s skin. My skin definitely looked brighter, and my t-zone was far less oily without being dry. Success. Now I am not going to lie, at £68 this mask is definitely not cheap. You can get around 5-6 applications out of one bottle (with a decent layer thickness), which still works out at around £11-14 per mask. However the results have definitely been worth it for me, and to stop my bank account from hating me so much, I only use this before a really special occasion or when I have an ultra home pampering evening.

Have you discovered the benefits of Rodial?

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