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Pop of colour with Ciate Blush Pop

I don’t talk often enough about blusher, even though I have a drawer full of them in different colours and finishes. There is nothing that makes a person look younger and healthier than beautiful rosy cheeks.

Now that we are officially in September and my favourite season is well on its way, I prefer to use cream blusher to add a flush of colour. It adds a subtle glow that I really appreciate as the colder weather wreaks havoc on my skin, and powder blush can emphasise any dryness.

You may be well aware of the famous nail polish brand Ciaté, but they also make amazing makeup products. Pretty, Fun and Fearless is the Ciaté motto, and their makeup selection certainly embodies all those things. From everyday essentials to fashion-forward looks, Ciaté makeup is a beauty lovers dream all wrapped up in practical but adorable packaging.

One of these is the Blush Pop. This crème blush comes in six different shades, each in their own mini pot which also acts as an applicator!

I have two blush pops in the shades Darling and Tantalise.

ciate blush pop lone

Darling is a coral blush, perfect for a more exotic look to set off a summer tan.

Tantalise is a deep rose, that is ideal to achieve that delicate English rose look.

blush pop swatches with names

The great thing about these blush is the handy applicator pot. One swipe across the apples of my cheeks and a quick blend with my finger and I am good to go. Both pops are incredibly creamy in texture and have the faint fragrance of sweeties. They blend really smoothly onto the skin with no streaky areas to leave long-lasting colour.

Be Pretty, Fun and Fearless with Ciaté blush pop!

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