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Blackberry and Bay

With Autumn in full swing, I wanted to write a post on one of my favourite perfumes.

I am a massive fan of Jo Malone, particularly the earlier fragrances such as Pomegranate Noir (of course an entire post devoted to my ultimate fragrance will be happening as soon as possible!), and when the first leaf falls my go to scent has to be Blackberry & Bay.

Launched in 2012, I practically ran to the queen of cream and black to get a sniff of this perfume, and it has been a part of my collection ever since.

I have never found a perfume that is more perfect for Autumn than Blackberry & Bay. The scent of this fragrance immediately sends me back to my childhood. Visits to my grandparents, when my Grandad and I would go for a walk after lunch in the cold, crisp air and pick as many blackberries as we could.

The top note of blackberry is rich and juicy without being overly sweet, and is a much welcome change from many sugary floral perfumes. Bay leaves and Cedarwood create the heart of this perfume, and for me the combination of the tart blackberry with the natural freshness of bay leaves elevate this perfume to that unique combination of sophistication and youthful whimsy.

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay


Of course you can buy this perfume in the usual 30 and 100ml bottles, but Blackberry & Bay makes the occasional appearance into the cologne collection; five 9ml bottles of Jo Malone’s most popular perfumes. I would buy this set just for Blackberry & Bay alone, and the little bottles are perfect for popping in your bag so you can spritz to your hearts content all throughout the day. My only wish is that the little bottles were refillable!


So whether you are feeling a little nostalgic like me or are just looking for a more seasonal scent, give Blackberry & Bay a try, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

B Lips

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