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Obsessed with Makeup Obsession

I think maybe, just possibly I am obsessed with makeup.

I’ve tried going cold turkey, convincing myself I shouldn’t buy anything for a month, or only buy staple pieces that I use all the time, but the second a new makeup product comes out that I like the look of, I simply must have it.

This is what happened when I heard about the new makeup brand Makeup Obsession. In my defence, I waited at least two days after buying my friend a palette before buying my own. On top of that, by spending just £12 pounds I got the empty palette free, so really I was saving money and well I just needed it ok!

On to the actual product itself.

Makeup Obsession is the new brand from the same people who make Makeup Revolution. A similar range of products such as colourful eyeshadows, highlight, blush and more but with one main difference.

Makeup Obsession is 100% customised.

Once you have picked from a variety of palettes (the rose gold is of course a classic bloggers dream), you can then pick any of the makeup to slot right into the palette. This is particularly useful, since all the pans are the same size you can mix and match however you want. You could even create a palette with one of each, making the perfect travel makeup package.

For my first palette I decided to go for a simple black six pan palette filled with eyeshadows. When it came to picking which shades, I wanted to go for a combination of mattes and shimmers, as well as some neutrals mixed with bold colours to really test this brand and determine whether it was worth investing more of my money in the future.

Top Row L-R:

Mink – Beige nude

Taupe – soft light brown

Cinnamon – light orange

Bottom Row L-R:

New York – shimmer purple

Emerald Fizz – shimmer green

Cosmo – shimmer orange

Here are swatches of all six shades,

As you can see the shimmers are pretty pigmented. Particularly the purple one, which I am very glad to see, since most purples can be very blotchy and streaky. The green is slightly less colourful then the other two but all build up very nicely for a rich, bold finish. The matte shades are also good. Obviously in comparison to the shimmers, they don’t look as spectacular, but they make great base eyeshadows without being too chalky.

So do I think they are worth it?

They aren’t as good quality as higher end brands, and sometimes if you press underneath the palette when you pick it up you can pop out the pan which can be a bit annoying, but for £2 per eyeshadow and £3 per blush and highlight, most certainly yes. The pans are a good size and will last ages. Plus being able to swap and change the pans however you want is an easy and excellent way to match your mood or occasion.

What’s even better is my local boots which stock Makeup Obsession were able to make this palette extra special with a touch of engraving, perfect for A Love Affair with Beauty!

Start your obsession with Makeup Obsession,







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