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Year of the La Mer

Do you ever have one of those days, where you just think NOPE, and decide a bit of “me time” is due. Now I will admit, I think this a lot! Every day actually, but last Friday I felt in desperate need of treat, so off I popped down to Beauty Bazaar and I am very glad I did.

This particular Friday was the eve of Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster, and to celebrate the lovely ladies at Creme de La Mer had lots of goodies in store! Decorated with reds and golds mixed in amongst that famous sea green packaging we love so well, I was immediately excited and rushed over to spend, spend, spend.

The first product I bought was The Lip Balm. At £45 I took a sharp intake of breath, but when this balm claims to relieve discomfort and renew even the driest of lips, I was curious to try it out. The Lip Balm is made with a potent concentration of Miracle Broth, a combination of nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts and semi-precious stones, that not only help deliver moisture but also actively help prevent further damage to the delicate lip skin. It has a sweet mint fragrance that is in no way overpowering, is non-greasy, lightweight and lasts ages once applied! Only a small amount is needed to leave my lips beautifully soft. The size of this lip balm is pretty generous too, and will last me ages.

Whether you feel this justifies the price is obviously up to you. Personally, I consider this a real treat. Yes it’s expensive, but yes it does work and every person I know who has tried this (once they are over the price shock) agree it is a true wonder balm.

Next, as part of my New Year, new me mantra I am trying to focus more on looking after my body. Creme de La Mer have some amazing skincare products specific for your body, one of which is The Body Refiner, exfoliating cream. This luxuriously soft cream not only contains La Mer’s famous nutrient rich Miracle Broth, but is also packed with pure diamond powder to polish and moisturise your skin. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Well it is.

I love this exfoliator! You can really feel the fine particles removing dull skin, but it is unbelievably soft so I never have to worry about damaging my skin. The cream itself is also amazing and feels really moisturising, a rare thing when it comes to exfoliators which tend to just scrub. My favourite thing to do after a long week at work, is to set up shop in my bathroom, gently massage over my body and rinse away to leave ultra soft skin that has a dusting of sparkle from the diamond powder. It feels like the ultimate pamper session, and something that keeps me motivated in focusing on looking after my body as a whole.

On top of my purchases I received a gorgeous bag and samples of some of their best selling products, as well as a one off sketch of myself painted by the talented Candie Payne.

This extra gift organised by Pam, Lauren and Michelle at La Mer, is exactly the kind of personal touch that I love. It made what had been a rubbish day into a fantastic afternoon, and something I will keep forever.

Gong Xi Fa Cai,






P.S If you are on Instagram, you must give @lifeinthelavishlane a follow for all things La Mer and a lot of fun!

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