Love your Body, Love your Skin

This post is going to be slightly different from my usual beauty reviews. However, whether you relate to what I am saying or even use it as conformation of your self-confidence, I hope you find it positive to read.

I was recently involved in a photoshoot, applying bridal makeup on models for a friend’s wedding cake business. It was a great opportunity in which I also ended up being one of the models. We had a lovely time and a productive day, but there was one thing in particular that stuck in my mind.

My friend had borrowed some wedding dresses from a local business and I excitedly stared at them eager to try them on. However, when I did, I found none of them would zip up at the back. My excitement quickly disappeared and I immediately got upset. I thought I’m too fat, I should go on a diet, as well as many many other negative things about my body. Disheartened, I went to tell my friend the dresses would not fit and maybe she should find someone else to wear them, when she said “well of course they won’t fit!, they’re designed for mannequins in the shop front”. I thought about this for a moment, and realised these dresses were in fact life-sized Barbie dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie and think in terms of career she is an excellent role model, but her body proportions are completely unrealisitic and so were the dresses. Lots of room for hips and huge breasts, but zero space for your actual torso. We pinned up the dresses as much as possible, or in some cases left the back wide open, and continued with our day taking some fab photos. However, it left me wondering whether this was something we’re just supposed to accept, or is there a way to change this and get businesses and brands to advertise a range of real bodies.

This is where clothing brand Nu Nude really steal the show and are making a huge movement towards encouraging diversity and acceptance all while wearing some kick-ass clothes.

I was lucky enough to win one of their Kylie Two Piece, a top and bottom set that can be used as underwear, swimwear or even as part of an outfit.

The material is so soft and comfortable but still provides support for your tatas, and has that perfect mix of sexy and everyday wear. Sometimes I wish I could wear mine every day. Oh no wait I can!!

The most important thing about Nu Nude is the colour selection of all their products. A range of nudes that suit all skin tones, not just light beige. I have the Kylie Two Piece in NU2 and NU3 which match my skin tone. However, I intend to complete my collection and get the other shades as well. In fact that’s the beauty of Nu Nude clothing, as you don’t have to stick to the one that is closest to your skin, you can wear whatever you want.

I will admit here, that when I first received the sets in the post, my mind flashed back to that day squishing myself into those dresses and I said ok I’ll just take pictures of the clothes and try and get fit and toned before I post any pictures of wearing them. Then my new Nu Nude outlook on life kicked in and thought no sod it, I love these sets and I’m going to wear them and post as many pictures as I can. There is always going to be something about my body I don’t like, whether it be my wobbly thighs or my bloated stomach from eating a lot of bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I actually don’t care because I have a good body.

Nu Nude really are an amazing brand, and I love their fresh positive approach to body image. Even if you are not sure if the clothes are your particular fashion, what Nu Nude stand for and what they are trying to achieve will always be in style. I strongly recommend checking out their website and giving them a follow on Instagram. One of Nu Nudes latest goals is to get the Oxford dictionary to change their definition of nude from beige/pink to something that truly represents every person’s natural skin colour, how amazing is that!

Be proud of your body,

P.s In case anyone is wondering, I’m wearing the denim jacket not to hide my body but because I don’t have a proper space to take photos and didn’t want my messy bedroom in the background!!



  1. May 5, 2017 / 6:27 am

    Wow you’ve got an amazing body and never think otherwise! That two piece is lovely and the colour is just stunning! We definitely all go through body confidence issues and I think the media play a part in unrealistic expectations! I wrote a whole post on this called be real. You are beautiful! 😍😍
    Amina xx

    • A love affair with Beauty
      May 5, 2017 / 6:58 am

      Thank you Amina! Like you said I think everyone goes through moments of lacking body confidence. I have a lot of stretchmarks on my thighs and even knees from when I was growing as a teenager and I always try to hide them. The reason I didn’t show them here is because my bedroom is a tip haha, but maybe now I have a small space for photographs I’ll go for it! xx

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