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Expect the Unexpected with Nars

Laguna, Orgasm, Sheer Glow.

Apart from a very fun time on the beach, these words immediately conjure up beauty products by the makeup genius that is Francois Nars. I am a huge fan of Nars (a quick glance at my Instagram and you can see it’s an obsession!). However, even though I own all the Nars must haves a beauty addict is expected to own,  I began to wonder, is there more to Nars than just these cult beauty products?

My question was answered at one of the fab events hosted at Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool.

The makeup artists at Nars are already aware we know how to achieve a flawless base with Sheer Glow foundation, and a perfect flush of colour from that aptly named blush, and so the evenings masterclass was centred solely on creating a classic Nars look, but with products you may not be so familiar with, the hidden gems of Nars.

First up was prepping the skin for foundation.

Straight away I was blown away at the effectiveness of the new Luminous Moisture Cream layered with the Smooth and Protect Primer. Both blend into the skin like a dream, and after putting a bit of each on one hand, you could immediately see the difference in my skin. Neither of the products have any sort of tint or colour coverage, so the fact I could visibly see my hand was smoother and less blotchy was incredibly! (sorry for the poor photo, bit of a mission taking a pic with no hands!)

Nars Luminous Moisture cream and Smooth and protect Primer


Next up, foundation, but not the classic full coverage Sheer Glow. This time they showed us how to use the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. I usually shy away from tinted moisturisers as I worry they don’t cover my blemishes, and melt off my face in a couple of hours. However this tinted moisturiser is just the right balance between coverage and letting the natural beauty of your skin show through. It is really easy to layer, and if you accidentally apply too much (I know I can certainly get a bit foundation happy) a light dusting of powder will get you looking glowing instead of greasy! I particularly think a lighter tinted foundation would be more appropriate for the Spring.

Nars Pure radiant tinted moisturiser

Next, a bit of colour and contour with Laguna.

LIQUID Laguna!

Everyone knows about Nars powder bronzer, but the liquid version is just as good if not better as it can also be mixed with your foundation. If you’ve been lucky enough to be sunning yourself on a beach, or out on one of the rare days in Britain where the sun peaks from behind a cloud, you may find your current foundation a tad light. A little bit of Laguna liquid bronzer is perfect for adjusting to the right shade.

Onto the eyes, where the eyeliner in Mambo was used along the eye socket and all over the lid. These liners a soooo soft, they literally glide on, which is great as no one wants to feel like they’re stabbing themselves in the eye! A pop of colour in the crease with the equally soft cream shadow stick in Belle-ile and it was onto THE most stunning eyeshadow I may have laid eyes on, the Dual Intensity eyeshadow in Pasiphae.

Lets all just take a moment to appreciate its beauty….

Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadow pasiphae

Stunning right!?

So not only is this eyeshadow gorgeous alone or on top of other eyeshadows like the look in this class, it can also be used wet by dampening your brush first, and oh my is it eye-catching.

Nars eyeshadow Pasiphae

All of the Nars dual-intensities are unique vibrant shades. They also blend really well and have excellent pigmentation. When applying this or any other statement eyeshadow, it’s always best to pat the colour on your lid as opposed to brushing it on, as it keeps the high level of colour intensity you can see in the pan. This smokey eye look was finished off with a dusting of translucent powder for a glossy and seamless effect.

A peach/nude lip was chosen to compliment the eyeshadow. Velvet matte lip pencil in Get Off was initially used to create an on-trend defused lip. I love these jumbo pencils. The colour is long-lasting and doesn’t dry out your lips like other matte lipsticks. Another plus of the crayon, is if you don’t feel confident applying lip colour, you can use the side of the pencil which results in lighter application, allowing you to build up to the colour coverage you want. Finally, lips were finished off with lashings of lip gloss in Turkish Delight (yum!)

Here is the final look (I could not stop taking pictures!):

Nars makeup pasiphae

Nars makeup pasiphae

Nars makeup pasiphae

Now I know this model is bloody beautiful, young and has flawless skin, but I really feel this look is perfect for anyone. It is a gorgeous smokey eye and nude lip but with a Nars twist, and it was nice to see a classic look using products that I normally wouldn’t pick.


Oh and of course I bought Pasiphae.


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